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30 min - 1 hour


One if by land two if by sea, if we have to swim to meet you, wet we may be.

We strive for fast and reliable service. Our technicians are local and equipped to handle any job. 

We are usually 30 min away or hour delay.


Four score and seven years ago: I bet you didn't know that you could pay by cash, card or even over the phone.


 - CASH                                             -  APPLE PAY

 - CREDIT / DEBIT CARD                 - CASH APP



We do not accept

 - PERSONAL CHECK                      - MONEY ORDERS

 - IOU'S


Q: What is a transponder ?

A: A buttonless key with a chip inside that can be programmed to the vehicle's immobilizer allowing the vehicle to start and stay running. It is our cheapest option for "All Keys Lost".


Q: Do your methods damage my personal property ?

A: No, we use methods that avoid damage. We have trained our techs well so that they are familiar with the challenges of the job. Certain jobs require damage, such as opening safes and lockouts that are unable to be picked.

Q: Is there a shop that I can come to ?

A: Not at the moment; in fact, we are working towards establishing a workshop.  As for now, we are a fully mobile business.  Most people actually prefer mobile services rather than sitting in a dusty waiting room reading 8-year-old magazines. Instead, we bring our mobile workshops to you, which allows you to go about your day in the comfort of your home or office while we work.

Q: What is a key fob ?

A: "Smart Key," "Proximity Key," "Key Fob," "Keyless Fob" are all common names for a remote frequency key that sends signals to the vehicle to perform actions such as lock, unlock, & remote-start depending on what button options the vehicle is equipped with. 

Q: Will I have to pay for the programming if my 3rd party key does not work ? (3rd party key: keys purchased online from non-approved vendors)

A: Unfortunately yes, payment is required. We can not guarantee that keys purchased from 3rd party sources are properly built or even have the same chip frequency, let alone quality. As a solution to this problem, we offer one of our verified keys which are manufactured specifically for your vehicle.  If your key does not work, we can resolve the matter quickly.

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